Zip and Go Belts and Bands by FusionBelts

MomBiz Feature by Benquita Brown

Benquita BB Brown is an affiliate for a company called FusionBelts. FusionBelts is the original patented zipper on waist/hip with two pockets to carry your essentials. One front 7 inch pocket and a full 180 degree back pocket.

FusionBelts are perfect for working out, running errands, traveling, theme parks, cruises, sporting events, or anywhere you don’t want to carry a purse or bring a backpack. The zipper on the design is user-friendly for all shapes and sizes. You can wear it discretely or show it off with their bright colors and patterns.

Order yours today at!

FREE Shipping! Use code: SUMMER!!

Want to learn more? Stay up to date with this amazing product on Benquita’s fan page:





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