Damsel in Defense-Protect Ourselves!

MomBiz Feature by Kandi Tobin

A lot of our PROs’ “why” has to do with them personally being a victim of a crime or violence or having a close friend or family member who has been. Thankfully, I have not been one and nor has anyone close to me. I plan to keep it that way and that is my WHY for partnering with Damsel in Defense.

I believe you should always know how to keep yourself from being a victim and having the tools necessary to help in that. I have a passion for personal safety and helping those who want to know how to protect themselves. This
company offers products to Equip, Empower, and Educate women in knowing how to protect themselves and to be confident in feeling safe. We offer several products such as personal alarms, kubatons, pepper spray and stun guns. They come in a variety of styles. We even have a concealed carry purse line and products geared for men and
children. I want everyone to be comfortable with being able to be safe by choosing their own form of protection.


Website: http://www.mydamselpro.net/ktobin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/protectourselves/

About Kandi

Kandi Tobin lives in Henderson, NV with her youngest daughter and husband. She has 3 adult daughters and 1 adult son, a son-in- law, and 3 grandsons. Kandi has been with Damsel in Defense since October 2014, except for a 5 month period where she resigned for medical reasons. She then rejoined in January 2016.


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